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Bright Video partner with the University of Westminster to deliver an effective fundraising video

Bright Video Marketing have been working with the University of Westminster to create a promotional fundraising video to raise awareness of a pioneering fundraising scheme at the University.

The 125 Fund project is a scheme in which every pound raised by the University is matched by the Quintin Hogg foundation. Students at the University are able to apply for a grant of between £150 and £2,000 in order to improve their employability and help them achieve their full potential.

Chris Smith, Director of Development and Alumni Relations Office at the University of Westminster said;

“It is always a pleasure to work with the Bright Video Marketing team. The quality of work produced is always on time; on budget and above our expectations on quality. The feedback we have received to date on The 125 Fund campaign video has all been extremely positive and I am delighted with the finished article”.

The video will be sent out to prospective donors, posted on social media and shown at University fundraising events.

Tom Oliver of Bright Video Marketing said;

“Fundraising videos are a brilliant way of raising awareness of a cause and communicating the benefits of giving. The University of Westminster have undoubtedly done the right thing by utilising the power of online video within this campaign. Fundraising videos allow potential donors to actually see the direct impact that their contribution will have, and therefore make them more likely to donate to the cause. Bright Video look forward to working with the University of Westminster to help them achieve their fundraising goals going forward.”

Do you work for a charity, non-profit or University? Why not explore how fundraising videos could help your initiatives? Get in touch today for no-obligation advice on how you can utilise the power of video to achieve your fundraising targets.

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