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Top 5 Video Marketing Trends 2017

Are you correctly utilising the most powerful online marketing tool of this year?

Here's our top 5 things to consider when using video in your marketing mix in 2017.


1) Where are your audience watching your videos?

The answer, YouTube.

Not only does using the most popular video hosting platform bring added SEO benefits to your site, it also acts as a great traffic driver to your website through people finding your video via YouTube. Don't just look at it as a hosting platform, YouTube is an advertising channel in it's own right.

Over the last year, in an average month 8/10 people aged between 18 and 49 watched YouTube. Traditional television viewing went down by 4%, whilst YouTube views increased by 74%.

No brainer.


2) The Multi-Device generation

Customers are watching your online video content on multiple devices, on multiple screen sizes. Mobile video on YouTube now reaches more people than any broadcast television network.

At the same time, the time consumers spent watching YouTube on their television more than doubled in the last year.

It has never been more important for brands to consider the multi-screen consumer.


3) #sharingiscaring

Social Media is increasingly becoming the place of discovery for video content. On Facebook, video posts per person have increased by 75%, and the amount of video from people and brands in newsfeeds has increased by 3.6 times year on year.

Due to this trend, more than 50% of people who visit Facebook now watch at least one video.

Can you afford not to be seen in this increasingly competitive environment?


4) Video as a Lead Generation Tool

Video is a proven conversion tool. On product pages, adding relevant video content can increase conversion rates by 80%. But what about lead generation?

Studies have shown that under 20% of brands that use video are capturing effective sales leads, meaning there is huge opportunity to use video effectively in the lead generation funnel.

Turnstile type videos can help collect valuable sales leads for brands that have great video content.

It's also important to plan what video content goes where within the buyer journey, and to measure it's effectiveness in generating leads and conversions using video and web analytics tools.


5) No longer just "Brand Awareness"

In the past, online video was generally used for brand awareness. Because of the increase in online video content, this is no longer the case, and brands are now moving towards creating video showcasing individual products and services.

Videos increasing in popularity in 2016 include customer testimonials, product demonstrations, explainer and tutorial videos, case studies, video blogs and event videos.

Video is now increasingly used as much at the bottom of the funnel as at the top.


Need help with your video marketing strategy and content creation? Get in touch today, and see how we can help you achieve your business goals using effective online video.

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