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Bright Video Completes Landmark Video for Housing Trust

Bright Video Marketing have produced a landmark video for Peaks and Plains housing trust in Macclesfield to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

The video, based upon the Peaks and Plains corporate branding, was played for the first time to staff at a celebration event last month.

Helen Bailey, HR Director at Peaks and Plains said;

"We needed a video pulling together in a short space of time and we had 10 years of information to track through to pull photo, images, key world news events from the relevant year plus using appropriate top numbers one hits from the year as well to be used as background music".

She added;

"Bright Video, did a great job, in fact they exceeded our expectations and the final production was far better than we ever imagined. The graphics and company branded was perfect. Tom went an extra mile by putting in extra footage where we referred to a world news event in year".

The aim of the video was to celebrate the trust's anniversary with staff within the organisation, and working with Peaks and Plains' bold and quirky corporate style, Bright Video was able to really bring the brand to life in animation.

The successful project marks the beginning of a positive relationship between the two companies.

Helen commented;

"I would definitely not hesitate in recommending Bright Video to any organisation big or small. The biggest benefit and bonus for us was that we were able to demonstrate great value for money for the output. Thanks Tom and we will definitely use you again in the future!"

To see how Bright Video can help bring your brand to life through motion graphics for either internal or external communications, get in touch today.

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