Five Great Examples of Video Marketing in Higher Education

As well as advancing education in the more traditional areas such as the arts and science, for years now Universities have been at the forefront of online video marketing.

Education is one of the few sectors that jumped on board with online video early, and for those early adopters the rewards have been rich.

Whether it’s communicating a research agenda or success, student recruitment and open day marketing, through to internal communications; the possibilities of HE institutions using online video are endless.

Here are five great examples of University video production.


1. Bond University Open Days

Bond University has a fantastic YouTube channel, and is a force to be reckoned with in online video marketing in Australia. In this Open Days promo from back in 2011, Bond successfully use comedy to show convey their open and friendly attitude to their prospective students.


2. Coventry University: I Wanted To

OK. I may be biased (I worked on this campaign), but much like Bond in Australia, Coventry University has really pushed the envelope in using video as a marketing tool for prospective students. Capturing the emotion of childhood dreams, the “I wanted to…” campaign showcased the graduates from organisations like Google, The Economist, BP, NHS, Pfizer, United Nations, Barclays and McLaren to inspire young people to achieve their ambitions.


3. Open University: 60 Second Adventures

The Open University has a YouTube channel that is packed with high quality content relating to their research and courses. This helps to position the University as thought leaders, provoking discussion of topics in the wider public arena. The 60 Second Adventure series also have a pretty famous voiceover artist.


4. University of Oxford: This is Oxford

This is a really simple video, but it makes my list because it does a great job in moving Oxford away from its stuffy unapproachable stereotype. It’s random, it’s quick, it's varied, and does a great job of giving a first taste of the Oxford brand.


5. University of Phoenix: More Than Brains

This slick high-budget commercial captures something emotive that most HE marketers miss. It conveys the struggle of their hard working students, showing that they care about the whole person, not just the academic side of their life. It also shows that everyone is different, and often it’s what you bring to your course that really makes the difference. Inspiring stuff.


Why not work with people who have delivered high quality solutions for Higher Education institutions, and understand the challenges of the sector?

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