International Video Packages

for student recruitment & alumni engagement

The Challenge

Both international student recruitment and alumni engagement are two of the major strategic aims of Universities today.


Online video is set to reach 79% of all internet traffic by 2020, and the demand for custom video content internationally is growing by the day. Despite these trends, historically, Universities have found it difficult to justify custom video content filmed in these markets due to cost and stretched internal resource.

Our Solution

Bright Video will create a package of five alumni profile videos, filmed in graduate workplaces in key market locations.


Our alumni workplace video package allows institutions to achieve high-quality, inspirational video content for a comparable price to filming within the UK.

Alumni Profile Examples

Alumni Profile Examples

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Key Benefits

Branding & Marketing

Communicate the global-reach of the University and gain unique, high-quality content that showcases the University’s best global graduates.

Student Recruitment

Drive international student recruitment numbers in key markets allowing for localised, targeted international campaigns based around eye-catching video content.

Business Development

Align the University with major global brands and make new connections with businesses in key markets.

Alumni Engagement

Engage and mobilise international alumni across the world in a modern and exciting way

What's Included?

Bright Video will work with your internal team to develop a plan for the videos. We can source alumni and develop the creative look and feel, or we can work with your alumni and marketing teams to communicate with graduates and develop the branding in line with your corporate guidelines or existing campaigns.


All transport, logistics, filming and editing are then taken care of by Bright Video.


  • Sourcing and contacting graduates, or working with the University alumni department to select graduates

  • Scheduling of filming

  • Pre-production planning to ensure style of filming is consistent with any existing branding or campaigns.


  • All transport and logistics


  • High-quality filming on location, interview (in English) or scripted piece to camera with B-Roll filming including the graduate working around the business


  • Set of stills photography for additional promotional material such as web-banners, online / social content & printed collateral.


  • Development of start, end and lower third graphics to match existing University brand guidelines or development of a new campaign-style based on the videos.


  • Editing a 90s – 2m30s video profile of each graduate


  • Editing in provided University Campus B-Roll


  • Professional colour grading to match the overall style of the video campaign


  • Local language translation subtitles


  • Background music licence for use online and in paid campaigns


  • Delivery in Social / YouTube Ready format

Dates & Prices

Monday 16th - Friday 20th July 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Package of 5 alumni workplace videos

Price: £7,500

Lagos, Nigeria

Monday 12th - Friday 17th August 2018

Package of 5 alumni workplace videos

Price: £8,500

Hong Kong

Monday 17th - Friday 21st Sptember 2018

Package of 5 alumni workplace videos

Price: £7,500

Shanghai, China

Monday 24th - Friday 28th September 2018

Package of 5 alumni workplace videos

Price: £7,500

Monday 29th - Friday 2nd October 2018

Mumbai, India

Package of 5 alumni workplace videos

Price: £7,500

How are we able to offer these prices?

By booking jobs in volume with multiple clients whilst on location, we are able to consolidate traditionally prohibitive transport and logistical costs, allowing us to offer video packages at the same price as we do in the UK.


We are also able to offer percentage discounts if you would like to commit to 3 or more key markets.



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