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The Team

Tom Oliver

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Tom is a Video Marketing expert, with ten years experience working for both large and small companies worldwide.



Tom has worked across Europe, The USA, Africa and Asia, and shot on location at businesses such as Google, Rolls Royce, Pfizer, BP,  National Express, The Economist, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, as well as organisations like the UN, New York Commission on Human Rights and a variety of Universities.

Chardelle Farrell

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Chardelle is a Business Development specialist with experience in sectors including Education, Healthcare, Digital and Print Media.


Chardelle has worked with clients like Santander, BT, NHS, Wowcher and Metro to help them achieve their business objectives. Chardelle also works as a business Development Consultant for Nottingham Trent University, helping businesses connect with Higher Education.


With a proven track record of fetching, chasing, sleeping and eating; Jax the labrador is a valued member of the Bright team.

Bright video marketing has a core-team, and also works with a pool of highly talented freelancers. Here's an introduction to our Management team.



What we're all about...

Bright video marketing is a digital marketing and video production company, working globally for brands around the world.


We are lean, and can offer high-quality video production to both small businesses and global brands at great prices.



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